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Jodhpur Development Authority Destroys Pakistani Hindu’s Colony

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Jodhpur. Devastating news coming from Jodhpur settlements of Pakistani Hindus. Jodhpur Development Authority & local police has bulldozed an entire colony of Hindus in Gangana, Jodhpur. Thousands of Hindu women & children refugees living in extreme poverty rendered homeless.

The Jodhpur Development Authority razed hundreds of homes, most of them belonging to migrant Hindus from Pakistan, on April 24. A video of the incident has been circulating on social media, which shows migrants expressing their distress over the action taken by the authorities.

In the video, a woman can be seen fainting due to the stress of the situation. One of the men recording the video lamented, “We were facing atrocities in Pakistan, and we are now facing atrocities in India. We are dying here.” Meanwhile, another man can be heard asking for two days to vacate the premises. Heavy police forces were present during the demolition, and a bulldozer was used.

According to media reports, the Jodhpur Development Authority had launched an anti-encroachment drive and demolished around 200 structures, including homes of migrant Hindus. However, the Hindus alleged that they had purchased the land from land mafias by paying anywhere between Rs 70,000 to Rs 2 lakh.

A JDA official defended the demolition, stating that around 400 Bigha land was cleared of encroachment. The land belonged to Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, and many structures were raised on the land without permission. When the residents claimed they owned the land, JDA authorities asked them to produce the relevant papers. However, as the migrants could not produce any papers, the structures were demolished.


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