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Kashmir – 3.90 Lakh Kanal State Land Reclaimed So Far

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Srinagar. J&K administration has retrieved around 3.90 lakh kanal of state and Kahcharai land from the “illegal occupants” across Kashmir in its ongoing anti-encroachment drive so far.

As per Kashmir Observer’s report, an official from the Revenue Department disclosed that men and machinery were on job to retrieve the remaining  2.70 lakh kanal of land from the encroachers. Most of the land has been retrieved from South Kashmir so far. Nobody has been spared in the land eviction drive be it – bureaucrats, politicians and other influential persons.

The government maintained that the retrieved land is meant for various public purposes like developmental projects, playgrounds, village centric amenities, industries, etc. by the revenue officials in consultation with concerned villagers/ PRIs and sign boards are also erected immediately after the eviction drives.

Notably, the Jammu and Kashmir government had directed removal of all encroachment on land owned by UT, including Roshni land and Kahcharai land by January 31. However, the drive continued as the authorities failed to meet the deadline.

The government action has met massive protest from the people and the regional political parties. While the authorities say that the drive targets influential people only, the people say that not only the rich but many commoners, small-time shopkeepers and business fraternity are also being targeted.

The political parties maintain that the people are not being served prior notice and a chance of hearing is being deliberately avoided.

However, the official said that not a single active residential house has been demolished so far.

“We haven’t demolished an active residential house so far. Even the active residents of influential persons have been spared as of now,” said the official wishing not to be named.

The official, however, said that demolishing any structure and retrieving any land is only done when the authorities are sure that the land or structure is illegal. When the laws that provided land to the people had been struck down by the court, there was no need to send the notice to the occupant.

It may be noted, the High court has struck down the Roshni Land Act in 2020. However, the government made an oral statement in the court that it won’t take any “coercive action” against petitioners.

In January 2023, the Jammu and Kashmir government had directed removal of all encroachments on land owned by UT, including Roshni land and Kahcharai land.

The government provides notices to those occupants only if they think that the person might have “tangible grounds” to prove his claim.

He further said the drive will continue and no-one will be spared.

If the government has done an illegal activity by demolishing anyone’s structure and retrieving the land, the aggrieved persons would have approached the court.

“..But when you know that the court won’t give you any relief, because you had illegally occupied the land, you stay silent and make noise on social media only,” said the official.

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