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Kerala A Muslim Majority State, Says Muslim Cleric

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Kerala (VSK). Muslim Cleric Aliyar Khasimi says, Kerala is a Muslim majority state, having 26 % Muslims of the total population. He says, (Hindu) Ezhava population is 22 %, (Hindu) Nair population is 12 %. Christian population is 19 %. He adds, Nair and Ezhava are two different religions, even would not marry each other.

Interestingly, Muslim intellectuals claim that they are a minority community whenever matters like Reservation and Uniform Civil Code (UCC) are discussed. Independent thinkers like C. Ravichandran have pointed out in the past that Muslims in Kerala get the reservation benefits as a single religion, instead of caste-based reservation. And, when they get an additional advantage of ‘minority status’, they get an added advantage of “double reservation”.

Muslim leaders raise this ‘minority status’, to shield the arguments in favor of UCC, Triple Talaq, etc.

But here an Islamic cleric comes up with an argument, first time in history, that Muslims are the majority community in the state. Aliyar Khasimi is an active social media man. The controversial part of the YouTube discussion between him and wellknown YouTuber and Islamist Dr. Mohammed is viral in social media. Khasimi quotes the figures from the survey conducted by Sasthra Sahitya Parishad in 2011. But, he says, the situation is different at national level. Parishad is known as an outfit having allegiance to CPM.

As the Aliyar Khasimi’s statement turned viral, heated discussions are taking place in social media in this matter. Freethinkers ask, if this is the situation, why does Muslim Community avail the ‘minority status’ and possesses a large number of medical colleges and engineering colleges. They do utilize OBC Reservations and Muslim Girls Scholarship, and still claiming that their ‘majority status’, allege the freethinkers. They wonder if Khasimi not ashamed to shout this contradiction on top of his voice. Then some Islamists maintain that the reservation is to eradicate the centuries old backwardness hence the numerical strength is not relevant! The same time there are Islamists who argue that Khasimi is not right and Nairs and Ezhavas constitute Hindu religion.

Earlier freethinker C. Ravichandran had invited the wrath of pro Hindu thinkers for stating that there would not be a genocide against Muslims in Bharat as it happened in Germany against Jews during Nazi regime; because, they are not a microscopic minority in our country. His statement was propagated as Islamophobia. But, now, ironically Khasimi raises the same version.

This is C. Ravichandran’s reaction to the issue – “Jews were a minority in Germany, below 1 %. And, they were alleged as the assassins of Jesus Christ hence untrustworthy as well as unreliable and they underwent religious persecution in other European countries also. They are less than a quarter percent of the world population. Israel is the only Jew majority country.

Population of Jews is 80 lakhs there. But what is the condition of Muslims in Bharat? Three countries took birth from this subcontinent – Pakistan, Bharat and Bangladesh. Two of them are Islamic states”.

Ravichandran continues – “Muslim kings ruled Bharat. Aurangzeb’s kingdom was, once upon a time, larger than British India. Several Islamic states are around our country. The Muslim population in Bharat is 20 crores, a huge number. It is almost equal to the total population of 20 European counties. Islam is the second largest religion in the entire world, said to be 180 crores. In future, Bharat is likely to be the country with the largest Muslim population. Kashmir is a Muslim majority state. Muslims constitute more than 30 % of the population in several states in Bharat. Hindus, said to be the majority community, is a divided lot. It is a conglomeration of several castes, rather than a single religion. Fair enough if you call German Jews a minority, but it is less than 1 % of the total population. They were that much sidelined and tortured. If a community is more than 5 % strong, how do one call them a minority. It is like feeding a teen ager with baby food. Those who pretend to be the advocates of minorities are tight-lipped about Budhists, Jainists, Parsis and even atheists. How do you call one Pro Minority if he is least bothered about the plight of the minorities in Islamic countries”.

Aliyar Khasimi appears to be a typical representative of the advocates of opportunistic minoritism. When they want to flaunt their clout and influence, they are “majority”. When they need favors and reservations they pretend to be “minorities”.  In Kerala, all other Muslim leaders and clerics say that Muslims are minorities. But, if someone says that Muslims are a majority community in Kashmir, they would not agree. They would say, Kashmir is a part of Bharat and Muslims are minorities in the whole country based on the numerical strength. Strange argument. But there are takers for it and ‘minority vote bankers’ to support it.

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