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Kerala – Another Train Set on Fire in Kannur; Sabotage Suspected

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Kannur. In a shocking turn of events, the railways suspect that the fire that broke out on the Executive Express train in Kannur was an act of sabotage. The incident occurred around 1.45 am when a bogie was completely engulfed in flames, causing panic among passengers and railway officials alike.

CCTV footage obtained by the authorities revealed a suspicious individual walking towards the coach with a cane just moments before the fire erupted. This evidence has led investigators to believe that the fire was deliberately set, raising concerns about the safety and security of train services.

The fire, which originated in the rear general coach, quickly spread, threatening the safety of passengers and the train itself. Prompt action was taken by the fire brigade, who arrived at the scene and successfully extinguished the flames. Preliminary investigations suggest that a flammable substance, possibly petrol, was poured and ignited to initiate the fire.

This is not the first time the Executive Express has been targeted. A similar incident occurred in Elathur, where the same train was engulfed in flames. The fact that this latest fire occurred after the journey ended in Kannur further deepens suspicions of foul play.

An eyewitness present at the scene of the incident described the sequence of events. According to the witness, he was heading towards the third platform when he noticed the fire. Initially, it was mistaken for burning waste, and the parcel employees who were present at the time alerted others to the thick smoke. It was then discovered that the train was, in fact, on fire, and the matter was immediately reported to the station master.

Within moments, the station siren blared, alerting passengers and staff to the emergency. Approximately fifteen minutes later, the fire broke out, starting from the side of the bathroom and rapidly consuming the entire coach. The eyewitness mentioned that the fire burned for about an hour before the firefighters arrived and extinguished it. The swiftness with which the fire spread has raised suspicions of a deliberate act.

With the emergence of CCTV visuals capturing a man approaching the train with a can, the eyewitness’s claims gain further credence. The footage appears to confirm the possibility of sabotage, leaving authorities concerned about the safety of railway services and determined to uncover the truth behind these incidents.

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