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Kerala – Anti-Hindu remarks in Police Association’s Kaval Kairali magazine

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Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The annual publication of the State Police Association, Kaval Kairali, slams the Hindu religious beliefs. The Hindu organizations are in a strong protest against an anti-Hindu article that was published in that magazine recently. The article includes extremely obscene comments about Ramayana, the epic of Hindu religion, and also given provocative remarks about the Hanuman.

The article says that “Hanuman doesn’t know even about his parents”. It also includes obscene and dirty comments about Sita and Lakshman, the two major characters in Ramayana.

The article has been published in a magazine in which the editorial board consists of members from the police staff itself. The article titled ‘Quantum Leap and Disempowerment’ was written by a fellow supporter of the leftist politics, VS Ajith.

Protest against the article is even visible within the association. The demand of the Hindus to withdraw the article and to apologize is also getting stronger.

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