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Kerala Assembly Speaker does not see terrorism in Hamas…!!!

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Kozhikode, Kerala. In Kerala, now, everything is viewed from religious angle alone, whether it is CAA, Manipur, Farmer’s Bill and now Hamas-Israel conflict. If it is from ‘blind’ religious ones, no surprise. But, when it is from a constitutional authority, it is not only surprising, but, also, unacceptable. A.N. Shamseer, Kerala Assembly Speaker and CPM leader has made such a shocking statement – ‘Hamas is not doing terrorism against Israel, but, resistance’.

Cold blooded massacre of 1400 innocent Jews, abduction of elder ones, raping the women, beheading of infants, etc. are “resistance” for the Honourable Speaker. He was making this reference while saying that war is not at all a solution, but Palestine conflicts should be solved peacefully. He was addressing a gathering in connection with a function for honouring a Muslim scholar in Kozhikode.

Speaker used the opportunity to observe that Israel should not face the Hamas attacks on an ‘eye for eye’ basis; on the other hand, Israel should pave the way for a permanent and peaceful solution for the Palestinian issue. Shamseer added that Bharat have always been with Palestine. But, now (PM) Narendra Modi has declared open support to Israel. And, Speaker did not forget to add that secularism faces serious challenges and all those believe in democracy should remain united for the protection of the Constitution.

V.D. Satheeshan, LoP in the Kerala Assembly, Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) senior leader E.T. Mohammed Basheer MP (LS), {former Kerala minister}, IUML leader M.K. Muneer MLA {former Kerala minister}, Congress leaders and several Muslim scholars participated in the programme.

Despite being a leader of CPM, a party claiming to be committed to dialectical materialism (and atheism), Speaker A.N. Shamseer utilises his public speeches to ridicule and belittle Hindu faith and flaunting Islam. During the month of July, while addressing a gathering of school children, Speaker insulted Hindu Gods and rituals describing them as mere myths. These superstitions are stumbling blocks to progress of the society. He made these remarks in the presence of Sister Dr. Vineetha, manager of famous St. Theresa’s College, Ernakulam. Shamseer insulted Lord Ganapathy. Ganapathy and Pushpaka Vimana (aeroplane depicted in Ramayana) have nothing to do with science. They are mere myths. The superstitions of Hindutva will reverse the progress. These myths are not good for the age of artificial intelligence. He added that the incidents highlighted in Hindu Puranas do spread superstitions. Age of technology must be accepted. He called on the audience to ignore and reject the Hindu myths. He added that Hindu faiths do not have scientific temper.

But apparently, he opted to avoid any comment about any other religions like Islam which he belongs to and Christianity. On the other hand, on previous occasions, he had praised the virtues of Islam, state the observers. Such videos were circulated in social media after he made blasphemous remarks against the Hindu faith.

Speaker’s ‘Hamas reference’ underlines the fact that own faith and vote bank politics are sacrosanct for non-BJP politicians. This mind set prevents them from boldly calling a spade a spade.

T. Satisan, Kerala

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