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Kerala – Children cannot be paraded as cheer girls for LDF government’s programme, says High Court

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Kerala (VSK). Kerala High Court asked, on November 30, why are the school children paraded on the roads as cheer girls in the name of Nava Kerala Sadas of (ruling) Left Democratic Front (LDF). Justice Devan Ramachandran raised this question while considering a petition filed against the order of Malappuram District Deputy Director (Education). When Additional Advocate General argued that the petitioner had political interests, Justice Devan Ramachandran ruled that parading the school kids on the roads also does have political interests. Court asked what is the intention behind parading school children as cheer girls to greet the Chief Minister and the ministers. Court said, some are more royal than the kings.

Court said, there is difference between participating school children in a programme and parading them on the roads as curios and making them wave. Court is not against inviting the children to a programme to hear the speeches.

Petitioner pointed out that despite the government’s submission before the Court that the order of Malappuram Deputy Director (Education) had been withdrawn on November 20, children were again paraded for Nava Kerala Sadas.

Government submitted that memo has been issued to the concerned Head Teacher. Then Court asked why there is no action against the Deputy Director who issued the order. Court ruled that such incidents should not be repeated.

Court considers the petition again next week.

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