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Kerala – Christians Alliance welcome ban on Popular Front; thank PM and Home Minister

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Kerala. In a development which could far-reaching impact on national politics, the Christian community has expressed its gratitude to the Central Government for banning the dreaded Popular Front of India and eight associate organizations.

“Over the last five years, attacks on the Christian community by Islamic terrorists of the PFI have seen manifold increase. Thousands of Christian girls were kidnapped and converted to Islam by the PFI activists as part of the love jihad. It is still continuing in Kerala and Tamil Nadu with the official patronage provided by the CPI(M), CPI and the DMK and the Periyarites,” said Kevin Peter, president, Christian Alliance for Social Action (CASA), an umbrella organization of all Christian factions in India.

Kevin Peter pointed out the murder perpetrated by the PFI across India. “They do not believe in tolerance. Their motto itself is Annihilation and Elemination of rivals and people belonging to other religions,” he said. Kerala has seen more than 2000 girls, that too professionally educated and qualified young girls, being kidnapped as part of Love Jihad and sold as sex slaves in IS controlled West Asian countries along with Hindu girls. Though the Bishop of Pala, Mar Kallarangattu, spoke against Narco Jihadis and Love Jihadis, the Marxist led Kerala Government slapped cases against him under various sections of the IPC allegedly for trying to create rift between various communities.

The Bishop of Pala spoke against Narco Jihadism after ascertaining details about the number of girls who have been admitted to various de-addiction centres run by the Church in Kerala. The Bishop instead of going public, had alerted the parents of girl children about the new threat while addressing a congregation in an age-old Church in Central Kerala.

Kevin Peter pointed out the chopping of the hands of Prof TJ Joseph by the terrorists of PFI. “Equally shocking were the murders of RSS and BJP leaders committed by the PFI across the State. All those who were executed by the professional murderers of PFI were innocent and peace-loving people who campaigned for communal harmony and peace,” he said.

The CASA president pointed out that former judge of the Supreme court Justice KT Thomas himself had said that the nation owed its existence to the country’s defence forces and the RSS. “It is ridiculous to listen to the CPI(M) and Congress leaders who have questioned the ban on PFI. “They want the RSS to be banned terming it as responsible for Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination. No courts in the country have blamed the RSS for the murder of Mahatma Gandhi. The Congress remains mute when the DMK calls for the withdrawal of the ban on LTTE which assassinated Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister,” said Kevin Peter.

He also blamed the PFI and other Islamic forces for infiltrating the Church. “Certain spiritual leaders and nuns are dancing to the tunes of the Islamic terrorists because of blackmailing,” he said. The CASA president said the entire Christian community in the country would extend their support to Prime Minister, Home Minister and the central government for the ban imposed on PFI and other organisations.

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