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Kerala CM’s Abroad Trips Turns Controversial

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Kerala (VSK). The pacts CM Pinarayi Vijayan signs during his ‘family tour abroad’ are nothing but ‘mere’ papers. Reason is simple, no pact is official. It is the repetition of the ‘misguiding tactics’ he implemented after his previous ‘controversial holidaying’. But, crores of rupees fly out from our treasury of tax payers’ money. Pacts with the foreign governments are to be signed by Government of India. It is reported that Norway has offered assistance for Maritime Cluster and Fisheries Aqua Culture. CM talked to the Norwegian Fisheries Minister Jornor Selness Skerejen regarding that country’s project launched in Neendakara in 1953. During the talk Pinarayi requested for further assistance from Norway. But, Neendakara project was a tripartite agreement signed by India and Norway under the auspices of United Nations. Government of Kerala has nothing to do with that agreement. Another claim is the ‘gain’ bagged due to the ‘agreement’ with Norway for ship building in Cochin Shipyard Ltd. But such an agreement can only be signed by Government of India.

And, Pinarayi says, it was agreed to organise a “Peace Conference” in collaboration with Nobel Peace Centre in Norway. But, such a conference needs Government of India’s nod before organising it. But it is the union government who decides where to conduct such a conference. Again, it is union government who issues VISAs for the delegates.

That World Kerala Sabha’s Europe-UK Regional Conference took place in St. James Court Hotel is said to be a big achievement. But it was a get-together of the CPM sympathisers from Kerala who reside in UK.

Another claim was the agreement said to be signed by government of Kerala and UK to facilitate the migration of the health workers from Kerala. But the agreement was signed with some private firms which provide services in health sector. If this agreement is sent to Norka Roots in Kerala for signature it would have been more than enough. But, five men flew to UK shedding several lakhs.

Floriculture development, agriculture in the lands below sea level, export of bananas, Room for The River and model for flood control were the agreement signed during CM’s previous itineraries; but, nothing materialised.

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