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Kerala – ‘Comrade, there are 295 vacancies, we need the list of party members’; Mayor asked party secretary

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Thiruvananthapuram. The letter to CPM District Secretary Anavoor Nagappan has been sent on the official letter pad of the Mayor Arya Rajendran of Thiruvananthapuram. The party list asked for the appointment of 295 people. Contract recruitment was to Urban Primary Health Centres. Mayor Arya Rajendran sent the letter on the 1st of this month. The letter also includes a list of posts and vacancies. The letter was leaked from some WhatsApp groups of the party members themselves.

The letter begins with the address, Comrade. The letter says that ‘you are informed about the appointment of employees to the vacancies in the health department of Thiruvananthapuram Municipality. Recruitment is to Urban Primary Health Centers. ‘List of posts name and vacancy is attached. Necessary steps should be taken to get the priority list of candidates,’ says the letter.

The letter says that there are 295 vacancies. There are vacancies in the posts of Public Health Expert, Doctors, Nurse, Pharmacist, Lab Technician, Optometrist, Multi-Purpose Worker, Part Time Sweeper. It also states exactly how many people are required for each post. The letter that came out shows the allegations that the CPM is cornering its favourites from key posts to temporary posts. But the mayor claims that no such letter has been sent. Anavoor Nagappan also says that he has not received the letter.

The opposition has intensified its protest over the letter controversy. BJP state president K. Surendran has openly demanded the dismissal of the governing body headed by Arya Rajendran. He also criticized whether CPM District Secretary Anavoor Nagappan should fill the vacancies in the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation on a temporary basis.

Input Courtesy – JanamTV


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