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Kerala – Death Threats and Call for Riots by a Small Kid in Popular Front Rally

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Alappuzha, Kerala. Death Threats and Call for Riots by a Small Kid in Popular Front Rally.

This incident happened on 21st May 2022, during the event of “Jana Maha Sammelanam” organised by the Popular Front of India ( PFI), an organization always under the radar for terrorism and activities against the country.

A mob of PFI members rallying in the city vicinity in numbers more than 1000s was engaged in threatening, abusing and calling for violence against Hindus and Christians.

The horrifying fact is that all these abuses, threats and rioting calls are made by a group of people including a small kid sitting on the shoulders of a man in the rally for better reach of his sound to the mob around him in the rally.

The mob warns Hindus and Christians of Kerala with threats like, they may finish Hindus and Christians of Kerala if they don’t live quiet. The mob says, they know how to make people of both the religions quiet if they don’t keep calm. They even said they haven’t forgot Gujarat Riots 2002 and Sangh Parivar is been cautioned that Kerala is not Gujarat. The PFI warns that may take call and resort to violence.

They even said, they have decided to do ‘Sujood’ (kind of prayer) in disputed building of Babri Masjid at Ayodhya again. Also, they have decided to continue ‘Sujood’ in Gyanvapi complex in Varanasi. They continue to say that they are not leaving to Pakistan or Bangladesh (?) and if they do so they will “take out” Sangh Parivar along with that.

The threat calls ends with famous ‘Intifada Assalam”‘ Islamist salute to the people who have been killed in political murders recently in Kerala. Remember the Intifada Assalam salutes are used from 1952 by the Islamist groups before they start the mass murder, rioting and killings. The same pattern has continued till 2015 even during the Syrian and Lybian civil wars. The same intifada calls are a common sight in PFI rallies in Kerala now a days.

This act of PFI members in public is an open call of violence and rioting against Hindus, Christians and organizations like RSS and Sangh parivar.

As per the law these activities are punishable under different sections of Indian Penal Code and Juvenile Justice Act 2015.

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