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Kerala – Doctor suspended for issuing health cards without examination in exchange of money

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Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Justifying the earlier report of restaurant workers getting health cards without attending physical examinations at government hospitals, an assistant surgeon at Thiruvananthapuram General Hospital was suspended from service for similar charges. The doctor charged money for the same.

The suspended doctor is identified as Dr. V. Amith Kumar incharge of the RMO of Thiruvananthapuram General Hospital. The action was taken by the director of the health department at the direction of Minister Veena George.

Earlier, visuals of many including the RMO accepting a bribe of Rs 300 and issuing certificates without an examination had surfaced. The health card is issued only after a certificate signed by the doctor is shown after conducting nine tests and ensuring that he is perfect.

The doctors accept bribes and sign them. The government has introduced health cards to ensure food safety. The health minister had clarified that those without health cards will not be allowed to work in hotels, bakeries, etc.

Patient denied treatment for asking doctor’s name; Health minister intervenes after the incident becomes controversial 

TA Mathayi, a resident of Wayanad Meppadi, was denied treatment by a doctor at the Kozhikode Medical College Hospital when he sought medical attention for a serious intestinal issue.

The health minister intervened after the incident gained attention on social media and ensured that Mathayi received treatment.

Before visiting the medical college, Mathayi was told by private hospitals that he needed emergency surgery and would have to pay 200,000 rupees.

When Mathayi asked the doctor at the medical college for their name during his examination, the doctor became angry and threw away his medical records and ticket, telling him to leave the hospital.

Mathayi explained that he only asked for the doctor’s name to confirm he was seeing the same doctor recommended by his previous physician.

After leaving the hospital, Mathayi spoke to journalists about the incident. The health minister contacted the medical college principal and ensured that Mathayi received treatment, while also directing the principal to launch an investigation into the matter.

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