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Kerala Gold Smuggling Case – ED provisionally attached 30.245 kg gold valued at Rs. 14.82 Crore and cash of Rs 14.98 Lakh

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New Delhi. Enforcement Directorate has provisionally attached 30.245 kg gold valued at Rs. 14.82 Crore belonging to Aboobacker Pazhedath, Abdul Hameed P. M., Jalal A. M., Rabins K Hameed, Abdu P. T, Mohammed Shafi, Hamjad Ali K., P. T. Ahmedkutty, Hamjad Abdul Salam, Shaijal, Muhammed Shameer, Razal and Ansil and cash of Rs. 14.98 Lakh belonging to Sarith P. S. and Swapna Prabha Suresh in Kerala Gold Smuggling Case.

ED initiated money laundering investigation, on the basis of FIR registered by NIA under the provisions of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 against Sarith P S, Swapna Prabha Suresh, Faisal Fareed, Sandeep and others. The Customs had registered case relating to the seizure of 30.245 kg of

24 Karat gold worth Rs.14.82 Crore at Trivandrum International Airport. The said gold was camouflaged as diplomatic baggage to UAE Consulate, which has

immunity from checking at airport as per Vienna Convention. The consignment was to be received by the accused Sarith P.S, who had worked in UAE Consulate earlier as Public Relations Officer in complicity with Swapna Prabha Suresh, Sandeep Nair and others.

In the said case, Sarith P.S, Swapna Prabha Suresh and Sandeep Nair were arrested by ED on 22.07.2020 and Hon`ble PMLA Court had remanded to ED

custody from 05.08.2020 to 17.08.2020 and thereafter to Judicial Custody. Another accused M. Sivasankar, IAS, then Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister of Kerala was also arrested by ED on 28.10.2020 and was remanded to ED custody from 29.10.2020 to 12.11.2020 and all four persons are still in the Judicial Custody.

During the course of investigation under PMLA, it was revealed that accused persons had obtained the Proceeds of Crime in the form of 30.245 kg of smuggled gold valued at Rs. 14.82 Crore. The accused/suspects illegally routed the sale proceeds of previously smuggled gold to Dubai which was further used for purchase of next consignment of gold intended to be smuggled into India and recycled this process throughout the operations and thereby proceeds of crime generated out of gold smuggling previously was used to purchase the said 30.245 kg gold. It was further revealed that, the accused Sarith P. S. and Swapna Suresh had obtained the Proceeds of Crime to the tune of Rs. 14.98 lakh.

Earlier, ED had attached movable properties worth Rs.1.85 Crore on 23.12.2020, bringing the total attachment in the case to Rs. 16.97 Crore. Further a Prosecution Complaint and a Supplementary Prosecution Complaint were filed on 06.10.2020 and 24.12.2020 respectively before the Hon’ble Special Court (PMLA).


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