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Kerala Governor questions the timing of the BBC documentary

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Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan, January 25, questioned the timing of the BBC documentary. He said that it is significant as Bharat assumes G-20 presidency. Referring to the screening of the controversial BBC documentary “India: The Modi Question”, he said, this is the time Bharat assumes G-20 presidency. He wondered why was this particular time chosen to bring out this documentary. He mentioned the significance of it as it comes from a country which had predicted, at the time of our freedom, that our country was not capable of preserving its freedom. Those who dreamed our collapse cannot tolerate our growth.

Governor Khan added that several courts, including our Supreme Court, have delivered several verdicts in the matter. But some people in our country give more importance to BBC than our own courts. It is from our old ‘colonial masters’ who ruled us for two hundred years! Their prediction that our country will be broken into pieces did not materialise; not only that we are still united, integrated and democratic and now the world leader. The old colonial masters’ documentary should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

Goa Governor attacks BBC documentary

Goa Governor P.S. Sreedharan Pillai said, in Coimbatore on January 24, that BBC documentary is an attack on Bharat’s sovereignty. It is a part of the colonial efforts to demolish our country.

During the British regime, they tried their level best to destroy our cultural values. Now, we are the 5th economic force in the entire world. We reached that position overtaking Britain, our former colonial master. It is quite natural if colonial forces are unhappy with our growth and development.

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