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Kerala Govt employee Insults Army

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Kerala (VSK). Communists once again prove their DNA with respect to their attitude towards our brave army. Sujaykumar, a Civil Supplies Department (Government of Kerala) staff as well as personal staff of Civil Supplies & Food Minister G.R. Anil, insulted Bharat’s Army by comparing our valiant soldiers with his domestic dogs. G.R. Anil is a CPI leader and Sujaykumar is reported to be belonging to the same party. His FB post invited the wrath of the patriotic cyber warriors. They attacked the FB post and blasted him for his anti-Army, read anti-national, post; then he deleted it. And, the minister stated that the bloke is not his staff.

Keralites are not at all surprised in this. Because he is following the philosophy of communist parties, irrespective of the name and flag, in Bharat. Whether CPM, CPI or Maoists, they are communists at the end of the day hence Sujay’s FB post is not a surprise to anyone. In May, 2017, late Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, then state secretary of CPM and also the Polit Bureau member of the party, said that our soldiers are abductors and attackers against women; they abduct and rape!

Ananthapuri Soldiers Association, a body of the retired soldiers living in the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram, lambasted Sujay and his FB post. They complained to the minister against Sujay. Minister said, he awaits the report in this regard. Association has stated that they would move the court if government does not take proper action against the anti-national post.

There are reports that Central Intelligence Bureau has started investigation.

Here is the English version of the FB post of the aforementioned CPI comrade – “Soldier is the protector of the country. Kaisar and Mittu (two dogs) are the protectors of my home. They are chained during the day and left free in the night. To touch the feet of the dogs is not Bharatiya culture. Soldiers draw the highest remunerations among the government employees. It is fine if you touch your parents’ feet. It is our culture. It is shameful to touch your dogs’ feet.”

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