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Kerala Govt Is Not Proletarian, admits CPM secretary

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Kochi. M.V. Govindan, Kerala state secretary of ruling CPM, has admitted that CPM government is not proletarian. If at all somebody says so, it is nothing but nonsense and misguiding. But he added an excuse: Kerala is a part of Bharat which is capitalistic. He said this while addressing a seminar.

He blamed TV anchors for propagating that Kerala government is proletarian. It is nonsense. He explained that CPM enjoys only political power in Kerala. Judiciary and other sectors do not have ‘class character’. He says, it is wrong to call the regime ‘Pinarari Vijayan Government’. A government consists of judiciary, legislature, executive and fourth estate aka media. CPM enjoys majority only in legislature. The other three sections do not agree with the CPM views.

Then Govindan touched the speed of the Pinarayi regime. Government is not fast, the reason is corruption in bureaucracy. There is no change in the attitude of the bureaucracy. Its corruption, arrogance and attitude remain the same.

In another words, party secretary hints the helplessness of his party leadership consisting of polit bureau members like himself and the CM Pinarayi Vijayan. It indicates that they are nowhere near their political philosophy.

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