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Kerala HC questions state government on delay in handing over documents to CBI

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Ernakulam, Kerala. The Kerala High Court questioned the state government over the delay in handing over the Siddharth’s death case to the CBI. The court inquired about the reason for the delay in handing over the documents for the CBI investigation and sought to identify those responsible for the delay.

Highlighting that the delay in the investigation could result in the failure of justice, the court instructed the central government to expedite the required procedures for the notification to be handed over the case to the CBI.

The case was heard by a single bench presided over by Justice Bechu Kurian Thomas. The court is scheduled to hear the case again on Tuesday.

The court highlighted that the government handed over the investigation documents to the CBI after a delay of 18 days. The court questioned whether it was merely clerical work and asked who was responsible for the delay.

In response, the public prosecutor stated that the state government handed over the documents to the CBI on March 26. But the petitioner said that the documents were handed over to the CBI only 18 days after the state government’s notification which said that Siddharth’s case will be handed over to the CBI.

Siddharth’s father, T. Jayaprakash, filed a petition in the High Court alleging that the state government is delaying in handing over the case to the CBI. He also alleged that the state government is attempting to shield the accused individuals. Siddharth was found hanging dead in the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University campus hostel bathroom on February 18.

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