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Kerala – Health Department’s Investigation Report reveals major failures; Dr. Vandana was not provided first aid, police closed door for self-protection

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Kollam. The report by the Health Department in the death of Dr. Vandana Das has pointed out major failures by the police and doctors. The report says that both doctors and police made serious lapses.

According to the media reports, report prepared by Kollam Deputy DMO, Sajan Mathew, the police officers and two doctors, who were on duty on that day, had made serious mistakes.

In addition to house surgeons, doctors were also posted on duty on the day of the attack. However, when the accused, Sandeep, was being treated, the two doctors were not present there. In addition, no first aid was provided to Vandana before she was transferred to a private hospital with stab injuries. This was another lapse.

The report says that there were serious lapse from the police also. When the attack was happening, the police ran outside and locked the door in a bid to protect themselves. This prompted the accused to enter the Emergency unit and began attacking. Other security officers of the hospital also did not perform effectively. The report ends by saying that ex-servicemen must be posted for security services.

Meanwhile, the Crime Branch team, which is leading the investigation, has taken the statement of police surgeon and others.

Another attack against doctor in Kalamassery; patient undergoing treatment in medical college slaps doctor and threatens to kill him

Ernakulam. A patient has been arrested for attacking a doctor in Kalamassery Medical College hospital. Doyal, a native of Vattekunnu is the accused. The incident occurred at around 11 pm on Monday. Doyal was brought to the hospital by his relatives with injuries suffered in accident. However, he turned violent during treatment. In the complaint filed by Dr. Irfan Khan of the medical college, Doyal slapped him on face and threatened to kill him. It is also alleged that the accused hurled abuses at women employees.

Doyal was behaving abnormally since he reached the hospital. He argued with the security personnel and pushed him. When Dr. Irfan, arrived to treat him, he attacked him and slapped him on face. The accused continued to make ruckus in the hospital so the authorities informed the police.

The police reached the spot and the accused was taken into custody.

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