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Kerala High Court dismissed the revision petition against the seizure of PFI assets

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Kerala (VSK). Kerala High Court, consisting of Justice Jayashankar Nambiar and Justice Mohammed Niaz, dismissed the revision petition filed against the confiscation of the assets of PFI workers as compensation for the losses incurred due to public property destruction in connection with the PFI flash hartal of September 23, 2023. The Court said, confiscation of the assets is in compliance with the Revenue Recovery Procedures. Court also said that Claim Tribunal procedures to assess the loss is in progress. The accused who were in jail were served with the Recovery Notice, through the jail authorities sans fail. District-wise segregation of the losses is in process.

The total losses incurred in hartal violence is Rs 5.2 cr. It has to be recovered from PFI state secretary A. Abdul Sathar and the organisation he led.

Court expressed displeasure, on December 19, 2022, over the government’s failure to comply with its (Court’s) order over its failure to comply with its directives to initiate proceedings for confiscating the assets from the accused.

The latest HC order is a heavy blow not only to PFI but also to the CPM and its CM Pinarayi Vijayan.

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