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Kerala – Imam arrested; who tried to molest young woman on the pretext of remedial measure for ‘curse of snake’

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Vellarada, Kerala. The imam who tried to torture a 23-year-old woman for witchcraft was arrested. Sajeer Maulavi (50), a native of Vitura, who used to be an imam at the Thekupara Juma Masjid in Vellarada until a month ago, was caught by the Vellarada police.

The Imam was friendly with the family of the woman who was a native of Vellarada. As the young woman had no children even after marriage, she was promised to fix it through witchcraft. The imam had misled the woman’s family members that the reason why she doesn’t have children is because of a curse from snakes.

The Imam suggested that she can be a mother only if the curse of snakes is cured. The woman escaped from the imam’s room when he started touching the woman and attempted to sexually assault her on the pretext of curing the snake dosha. The young woman explained the matter to her parents who were outside. Then the parents filed a complaint with the Vellarada police.

Sajeer Maulavi escaped when he learned that the police had started an investigation following the complaint. Then Vellarada police took the accused into custody while he was hiding in Nedumangad. The police said that there have been complaints of harassment against him, who has been married four times, at the places where he was looking for work.

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