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Kerala – Islamic symbols on police vehicle; DGP orders to remove, warns not to repeat

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Kerala. A police vehicle that reached the holy land of Lord Ayyappa carried Islamic symbols. The news was reported by Janam TV following which the authorities were forced to remove the same from the vehicle.

The incident was noticed when the police vehicle reached in Pampa near Sabarimala temple. Controversy erupted soon after the public watched the news in a TV Channel following which the state police chief interfered asking to remove the religious sign immediately.

According to law, religious, political, and communal writings or signs may not be displayed on police vehicles, however the same was violated here. The police chief also asked not to repeat such incidents.

The Director General of Police has directed police officials to avoid religious symbols from police vehicles. DGP’s order came amid the controversy of displaying Islamic religious sticker in a police vehicle at Pampa. DGP has also ordered to take action against those who put up such stickers over vehicles. The order says to remove all such stickers today itself.

The warning also makes it clear that such incidents must not happen again. And if at all such matter occurs, the driver and the official will be equally responsible.

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