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Kerala – Long March against Church-led anti-Adani Vizhinjam Port agitation

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Thiruvananthapuram (VSK). The Latin Church-led anti-Adani Vizhinjam Port agitation brought together the traditional rivals CPM and BJP. The venue was the Long March on November 1 taken out by the Vizhinjam Port Local Collective against the ongoing stir.

CPM district secretary Anavur Nagappan and BJP district president V.V. Rajesh were among many other socio-cultural and caste organisations came together to participate in the 15-km march from the coastal ward of Mulloor, where the Vizhinjam port is coming up, to the Secretariat.

The Local Collective demands the shamiana erected by agitators near the entrance to the port site demolished and remove all hurdles on the way to Vizhinjam project.

Coming together of the CPM and the BJP against the ongoing anti-Port agitation on a common public platform against the stir is sending strong signals against the agitation.

The impact of the move is so strong that local Mulloor’s popular Congress ward member C Omana also joined the political move, cutting across ideological divide against the struggle.

The LDF Government had categorically ruled out stoppage of the port work.

Anavur recalled at the Long March the words of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, that the protesters at Vizhinjam are driven by certain other interests. They were instigated by outside forces. Though the government had accepted all their demands, they were adamant making their intentions suspicious. He assured CPM’s support to people’s collective against the anti-port agitation.

The BJP leader V.V. Rajesh reciprocated that both parties would use their combined might to crush the agitation. “This is a project jointly implemented by the Centre and the State,” he said.

Earlier, State Education Minister V. Sivankutty unleashed scathing attack on Church-led protesters and alleged that they were gearing up to unleash widespread riots along the coast. Setting fire to boats and nets by the agitating fishermen were creating fear along the coast. He warned the Church to bear serious consequences if anything happens to the ailing former Archbishop Soosapackiam. He alleged the protesters were attempting to draw him into the struggle.

Besides the mainstream political parties, Nari Service Society, Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalanayogam, Hindu Aikya vedi, Viswa Hindu Parishad, Kerala Pulaya Maha Sabha, VSDP, Viswakarma Sabha, Kerala Thandan Mahasabha also took part in the Long March.

Meanwhile, video clippings of Latin Diocese-led agitation receiving foreign funds and call to ignite violence were in the social media. Clippings are of agitation convener Fr. Theodoseus receiving funds from Dubai. Call for violent agitation was also being circulated.

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