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Kerala – Mayor who attended Balagokulam’s programme receives scathing attack

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Kozhikode. A mayor who attended a mother’s meet organised by Balagokulam landed up in controversy and was attacked by leftists.

Kozhikode Mayor Beena Philip, however, defended her decision saying that her party had not objected to her attending such an event. She also said that she does not feel Balagokulam was one of the subsidiaries of RSS.

During the meeting, Beena Philip said that Kerala is way behind in the child care system compared to north Indian states. Her remark was met with strong criticism from within CPM and others.

However, she later clarified that she was talking about parents’ approach to the needs of children and not about their health in general.

The mayor pointed out that children are treated well in North Indian states even when they are in a neighbour’s house. However, that is not the case here in Kerala. Beena said that her decision to attend the meeting was to speak with mothers, and there was no element of communalism in it.

CPM directs district leadership to take action

In the incident, CPM state secretariat has marked its displeasure. CPM says that the action of Kozhikode Mayor Beena Philip for participating in an event organised by Balagokulam, a Sangh Parivar organization was wrong.

The state secretariat has assessed that the Mayor’s participation in the Balagokulam program is against the party’s approach and stance. The state secretariat directed the district leadership of the party to take appropriate action in the incident.

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