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Kerala Police Brutality – Soldier Brutally Assaulted in his house

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Kollam, Kerala. A shocking incident of police brutality has come to light, where a soldier and his family were brutally assaulted by the police. Kirankumar, a Naik in the Madras Regiment of the Indian Army, and his family were attacked by the police in their home in Kollam.

According to reports, the police arrived at Kirankumar’s house around 8 pm and proceeded to beat him in front of his mother. Footage of the incident, which has surfaced on social media, shows Kirankumar being dragged to the floor and three policemen sitting on his body, beating him.

Kiran’s wife said that the police arrived at their house and immediately barged in, telling him to call Kirankumar. Unaware of the aggressive behaviour of the police, Kiran refused to go with them, and an argument ensued. The police then proceeded to use force, brutally beating Kirankumar and his mother.

The incident occurred after Kirankumar’s father had lodged a complaint regarding a public matter, which was ignored by the police. The police arrived at the house on the complaint of the opposite faction and proceeded to assault Kirankumar and his family.

The police brutality was in front of Kirankumar’s children, who were left traumatized by the incident. Finally, the police took Kiran to the station by tying his hands and feet with a bed sheet and cloth.

This incident has sparked outrage among the public, with many calling for action against the police involved in the incident. The Kerala police have yet to release a statement regarding the incident.

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