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Kerala – Police obstructs distribution of Bharat Rice in Thrissur

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Police obstructed the sale of Bharat Rice in Mullassery, Thrissur. The police explained that the distribution of Bharat Rice was stopped because, the by-elections in the Panchayat were close by. By-elections in the seventh ward of Mullassery Panchayat will be held on Thursday. This decision led to a confrontation between the police and BJP workers there. Following this, the police withdrew from stopping the distribution of Bharat Rice.

The police stopped the people who came to distribute Bharat Rice in Thrissur this morning, citing concerns about violating the code of conduct by potentially influencing voters when the Panchayat elections are closing in. However, the BJP countered, stating that there should be no political war surrounding the distribution of Bharat Rice in Mullassery when Bharat Rice is being distributed to the entire country.

Bharat Rice, a central government initiative was being sold at Rs 29 per kg. The state-level distribution occurred in Thrissur, coinciding with the national-level inauguration in Delhi. The Kerala government had anticipated that Bharat Rice would be distributed through ration shops or Supplyco, but this did not happen, resulting in the government missing out on potential commissions. This has probably angered the Kerala government and the department and hence all the controversies and conflicts regarding the distribution of Bharat Rice.

Courtesy – JanamTV

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