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Kerala – Pro Pakistan Drama Bags 1st Prize in Kozhikode District School Youth Festival

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Kozhikode (VSK). “We clap when Brazil wins, we cheer when Argentina, Brazil, England and New Zealand win. Then what is the issue when we cheer up for Pakistan?”

It is the emotional lamentation of a small girl before her mom. Mom’s answer to this interesting question is again extremely significant. She pacifies the daughter- “My dear daughter, what can we do! Our countrymen have not come up to your level”.

The aforementioned is the part of a drama “Boundary” staged by the children of Memunda Higher Secondary School, Kozhikode. And, it bagged 1st prize in the drama competition in connection with the district school youth festival. The reports from Memunda suggest that the school is dominated by CPM-led forces.

Why did the school authorities give green signal for such a drama to enter the youth festival is a one-million-dollar question. And, how come the judges accorded 1st prize to this very same drama is another question disturbing the right-thinking people. This part of the drama reached the world through social media.

There are reports that four years before, students of the same school had staged another drama called “Kithaab”. The important dialogues were – (1) Why women are not permitted to perform ‘Adhaan’ (Azan) at mosques and (2) Why there is not male ‘houri’ in heaven. (3) Women possess half the wisdom of a man. So, is that fine if they wear half dress?

Naturally, Muslim organisations came up with strong protests. They said, they would not allow to stage that drama in state youth festival. When the controversy aggravated, school authorities escaped saying that the drama was scripted on the basis of the story “Vaank” (Adhaan) by Unni. R. But, Unni was reported to have saved his skin saying that his story was not on those lines.

Then the school authorities issued a statement that the “Kithaab” would not be staged again as it hurts a section of the population. And, they apologised to the Muslim community.

But the same school management would not do it in the case of “Boundary”. Obviously, no one expects it from them. Leftist forces, in the past, were always pro-China and pro-USSR. Even in the recent past, CPM leaders said that USA, Australia, Japan and Bharat are encircling China.

Coming back to the latest drama, the daughter’s lamentation and mother’s compassionate answer represent a particular ideology and agenda. Dialogue equates Brazil, Argentine, New Zealand, and England with Pakistan.

Unfortunately, no teachers or authorities there to tell the emotional dialogue deliverers that England, Argentina, Brazil, England and New Zealand are not promoting Lashar-e-Taiba. They do not come forward to create blood bath in Bharat. They do not display the heads of our beheaded soldiers as trophies. They do not engineer bomb blasts and terrorist activities in our country to massacre our people. They do not attempt to sabotage our sovereignty and national integration and finish our country off. Therefore, our compatriots have not come up to the level of clapping for Pakistan. We do not want to grow to that level. Their teachers should guide their students to search in the net and learn why our countrymen do not clap for Pakistan. This part of the world does not tolerate a question whether male houri is there in heaven; then they cannot expect the people to clap for Pakistan.

Here what we see is the successful attempt to misguide the children from the side of the Left and religious fundamentalist forces. Otherwise, innocent children would not stage such a drama of which spreads anti-national sentiments. There are reports that both dramas, the four years old one and the latest one, were scripted by a single playwright. Academicians and cultural activists believe that himself and school management aim at creating controversies in the society by creating dramas with emotionally surcharged issues and utilising the fora like youth festivals for it.

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