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Kerala – SFI’ cut-out with obscene and anti-national slogan in Victoria College

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Palakkad (VSK). SFI has installed the anti-national cut-out in Victoria College, Palakkad, Kerala. It insults nationalism in obscene language. It reads ‘We do not need nationalism, no significance for the nation with boundaries, the whole earth belongs to us’. The picture of this cut-out had been circulated in social media. Cut-out was installed as if to welcome the fresh students. The College Principal had instructed the student organisations to remove all welcome cut-outs. As a result, all other student organisations removed their cut-outs, but, SFI did not. SFI has installed anti-PM board also.

SFI, even in the past, had installed anti-national slogans in the past. It is the same college where SFI had made a ‘grave’ for Principal Prof. N. Sarasu in the same college, in 2016, on the day of her retirement.

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