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Kerala Train Arson Case – State Police Chief does not reject terror angle

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Kochi (VSK). Elathur (Kozhikode) Train Fire suspect Shahrooq Saifi has been brought to Kozhikode by Kerala Police. After nabbing him, Maharashtra ATS had handed over him to Kerala Police. This morning he was taken to Kozhikode Medical College for medical examination.

In the meantime, security lapses are reported in connection with the transportation of Saifi to Kerala. Saifi was brought to Kerala by road. The vehicle entered Kerala by 0055 hours on April 6. Interestingly, the police vehicle carrying him was changed before reaching Kasaragod. But police vehicle to which Saifi was transferred broke down near Kannur, Kerala. The reason was tyre puncture. The alternative vehicle brought to continue the travel to Kozhikode broke down too! Then he was taken in a private car, with the capacity of four including driver, to Armed Reserve Police Camp at Malapparambu, Kozhikode. In another words, Saifi’s security was manned by merely three police personnel. After the preliminary interrogation, he was taken to Medical College for thorough medical check-up.

No doubt, one can see lack of proper security for Saifi’s travel from Ratnagiri to Kerala. Breakdown of two vehicles justify this allegation. Some reports suggest that Railway Police had seen a young man sleeping near the toilet in Kannur Railway Station. He was an injured man, still police did not give much significance to the ‘unusual’ presence of a man. If it was the other way around, he would not have succeeded in fleeing the state, reports say.

It is reported that Saifi will be produced before the magistrate after the medical check-up. Police is expected to take Saifi into custody for detailed interrogation. There are reports that Saifi does not suffer any serious health issue.

Reports suggest that Maharashtra ATS, based on a lead they got, had been to a hospital near Ratnagiri where Saifi had reportedly sought treatment. Then some people saw a young man clinging to a running truck. Maharashtra ATS had spread their net in railway stations and hospitals. Net result is the nabbing of Saifi.

State Police Chief (DGP) Anil Kanth IPS told the media persons that interrogation was taking place and further actions would be taken accordingly. It is not possible to reject the terror angle in train fire. All options, including slapping of UAPA, are under consideration. He added that police would brief the media at the appropriate time.

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