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Kerala Train Arson Case – Suspect Shahrooq Saifi nabbed in Maharashtra

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Kochi (VSK). Train arson suspect Shahrooq Saifi has been nabbed from Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. The arrest has been carried out by Kerala ATS. ATS and Railway Police of Kerala had moved to Maharashtra, Delhi, etc. immediately after collecting the information from the note book got from the bag reportedly left behind by the terrorist. Saifi has sustained several injuries in his face.

Vital information from the Central Intelligence agencies played an important role in nabbing the suspect.

It is reported that the history of SIM card in the mobile phone got from the bag gave a proper lead to nab the suspect. The information collected from his book demand further inquiry into Saifi’s past history and whether he does have any links with any international terror groups.

Now NIA is highly likely to take over the case. It is not clear when will Saifi be taken to Kerala for interrogation.

Forensic and digital evidences are very significant in this case. The incident once again proves that Kerala has become a haven of terror activists. Central agencies have reportedly informed Kerala that lot of terror activists use the soil of Kerala for their planning and anchoring of the terror activities in other parts of the country and even abroad.

Even though Popular Front of India (PFI) is banned, its sleeper cells are very active in the state. It is very much significant that Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), PFI’s political arm, is still free to carry out their activities as a legitimate political party.

The migrant labour in Kerala, their strength assessed to be several lakhs, are living in the state sans any sort of documental control. Lakhs of them are reportedly living in a small town of Perumbavoor, Ernakulam district.

It is high time for the Government of Kerala to took serious steps to curb the terror activities in the state. State Intelligence should articulate their actions accordingly.

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