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Kerala University Youth Festival – ABVP files petition against ‘Intifada’ as the title for festival

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A petition has been filed in the Kerala High Court against the naming of the Kerala University Youth Festival 2024. ABVP filed the petition opposing the use of the name ‘Intifada’. Ashish AS, a first-year student and ABVP member of NSS College Nilamel, Kollam, approached the High Court with this petition.

The petitioner argued that the term ‘Intifada’, associated with the Hamas-Israel war, should not be used as the name of the University Arts Festival. It is mentioned that a complaint was previously made to the Kerala University Vice-Chancellor requesting a change in the name, citing its potential to create division in student groups, but no action was taken.

The petition also emphasizes that politics should not be intertwined with university arts festivals. The petitioner contends that discussions about war should not take place on the stages of the Kerala University Youth Festival 2024, as such topics can lead to issues and division among student groups.

It is also pointed out that the term ‘intifada’ comes from the Arabic language and is commonly connected with terrorist organizations like Hamas in Palestine, which are responsible for inciting fear and bloodshed.

Bharat is maintaining good relations with both countries, the petitioner argues that supporting one country and opposing another in university campuses is unfair. Therefore, the use of controversial names and logos should be banned from the Kerala University Youth Festival 2024, scheduled to be held from March 7 to 11.

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