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Kerala – Woman journalist pays price for praising PM; suspended from TV channel

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Kochi. A leading Malayalam media outlet has suspended a senior journalist Sujaya Parvathy for taking part in an event organized by Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) on International Women’s Day and praising Prime Minister and the emerging positive image of India. Addressing the gathering, Parvathy said she is unfazed about the criticism she might receive for participating in a BMS function.

The Kerala media sector is largely infested by Marxist malcontents and Islamists. Predictably, after the event, the Left-Islamo media outlets launched a campaign against the journalist for deviating from the ‘anti-Modi consensus’ in the state’s media. To keep Left and Islamist bosses in good humor, the channel management suspended the journalist for making “derogatory comments” about the channel. The channel has not come clean on what it meant by ‘derogatory comments’.

Soon after, the channel management started planting a series of derogatory stories through Left-wing media outlets, including the CPI(M) mouthpiece. The controversial channel head, is said to have unleashed cyber goons to tarnish the image of the beleaguered woman journalist. It is learnt that a PR agency has been roped in by the channel management to run a cyber campaign against Parvathy. In some of the reports, Deshabhimani, the CPI(M) mouthpiece, has claimed that the journalist was trying to usurp the channel.

Meanwhile, the BMS staged protests across the state condemning the action of the channel management. Some media outlets have removed videos of the woman journalist’s speech at the BMS event under pressure from the channel management. Channel head, himself not a paragon of probity with regard to media ethics and moral values, has met BJP leader Prakash Javadekar and promised his channel’s support. “On the one side they are keeping some BJP leaders in good humor and on the other they toe an anti-Modi line. The channel is notorious for its biased coverage,” said a BMS leader. The leader asked the channel management to mend its ways or face the music.

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Kerala woman journalist pays price for praising PM Modi, India; suspended from TV channel

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