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Key Points of Padmashri Shankar Mahadevan Ji’s Speech at Shri VijayaDashami Utsav

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24 October, 2023

Key Points of Padmashri Shankar Mahadevan Ji’s Speech in Shri VijayaDashami Utsav


– My experience today has been mind-blowing. The contribution of all of you in protecting our culture and tradition is unparalleled”.

– I believe it is my duty to educate & transmit our culture through music & songs to future generations. I try to do it in my interactions with youngsters and children and also in my shows, reality shows and even film songs.

– Any tune (dhun) has Sargam (musical notes) just like computers have binary codes behind them. Similarly, If our country is like a song, then swayamsevaks are like the musical notes behind it attending to various problems and challenges”.

– No one has contributed more than RSS in preserving our culture and Akhand Bharat.

Whatever you are doing, you can contribute to the nation – I do that through music.

– RSS Swayamsevaks are Sargam of the music of the nation called Bharat.

– Some events are life-changing one, my visit to RSS Vijayadashami programme today is definitely one of them.


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