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Kuwait – Protestors will be permanently banned from entering Kuwait

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The Kuwait government has taken action against those who protested against the remarks made by former BJP leaders Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal on the life of Mohammad, the founder of Islam.

The Kuwait government has instructed to arrest such protesters and send them back to their respective countries. The Kuwait government, in its order, said that all migrant workers here should respect the laws and should not participate in any demonstrations.

According to the International media reports, the Kuwait police have been asked to send the protestors to the deportation centre after arresting them, from where they will be sent to their respective countries. In addition, they will be permanently banned from entering Kuwait.

On June 10, 2022, after Friday prayer, the people of the Faheel area in Kuwait demonstrated there like the protests organized in India. They raised slogans of Allah-hu-Akbar and slogans against Nupur Sharma. According to the Kuwait Government, the protestors are believed to be Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationals.

Arab Times Online has written that these protesters have violated the laws and rules of the country. There is a rule in Kuwait that expatriates cannot organize protests in the country.

All India Convener of Pragya Pravah, J. Nandakumar, tweeted about this news. In his tweet sharing an article, he wrote that the protesting Indians would be sent back to India.

Earlier the Pakistani Embassy in UAE had issued an advisory telling its citizens that protesting here in UAE is a crime under the law. If any Pakistani is involved in this, he will face dire consequences.

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