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Large Drug Haul in Kozhikode

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Kozhikode (VSK). A large drug haul has been reported from Karippoor international airport, Kozhikode. Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) seized 3.5 kgs of ganja (marijuana) and 1.75 kgs heroin from Rajeev Kumar, a young native of Uttar Pradesh. Total worth of the contraband is Rs 44 cr. Kumar was coming to Kozhikode from Nairobi. DRI seized the drugs while conducting the examination of the luggage of the passengers.

According to available reports, Kumar brought the contraband to sell in Malappuram and Kozhikode in Malabar region. These days, drug hauls have been reported in large scale from different parts of the state. These incidents have much to do with the religious fundamentalists’ activities. Since Modi regime has taken stringent steps to curb the illegal money transfers to the country, terrorists have opted drug trafficking to make money for their activities. ED and other central agencies have been taking strict actions against the underground activities of outlawed Popular Front of India (PFI) and SDPI (Social Democratic Party of India), the political arm of PFI. Fund is a big issue for them these days. Therefore, terror activists opt drug business as a means for easy and quick funds. The people in this field make it a point to practise ‘catch them young’. As a result, young blokes, even school kids are falling easy preys to the sinister machinations of the drug traffickers. In another words, they are ‘killing’ the budding generations.

During the month of May, Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and Indian Navy, in a joint operation, seized the largest ever drug consignment in the Indian waters in the Indian Ocean. It was worth Rs 12,000 cr and weighed 2,500 kgs. The consignment was reported to be methamphetamine. It was seized from a vessel off Kerala. A Pak national was detained in connection with this. The agencies have been trying to get hold of the consignees. The agencies maintain that it was the largest methamphetamine haul in the country. It was seized from a mother ship which carried it for distribution among the feeder vessels. The agencies consider “Death Crescent” as the source of the contraband. According to the agencies, three countries, that is, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran constitute the “Death Crescent”.

In October, 2022, Mumbai unit of DRI seized 198 kgs of crystal methamphetamine and 9 kg high-purity cocaine, worth Rs 1,476 crore in total. The drugs were brought hidden in a consignment of fruits. There were reports that the consignors were in South Africa and consignees had some sort of Kerala links.

Kerala links are quite common in these sorts illegal trafficking. It should be viewed against the backdrop of the common understanding that Kerala is the haven for religious fundamentalists and other sorts of anti-national forces. Because, they get all sorts of patronage in Kerala in the name of minority vote bank politics. In Kerala both ruling CPM-led Left Democratic Front and Opposition Congress-led United Democratic Front are in tight competition to appease religious fundamentalists.

Early this month, Kerala Legislative Assembly passed a unanimous resolution against the proposed Uniform Civil Code. It was a calculated move to appease Muslim votes. And, the fundamentalists are clever enough to make advantage of the situation.

T. Satisan, Kerala

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