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LDF Move to Re-induct Saji Cherian in Cabinet

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Reports suggest that former minister and CPM state secretariat member Saji Cherian MLA is all set to make a re-entry to the cabinet. It is in the wake of the closing of a case against him in Kerala High Court for his speech allegedly ridiculing the country’s Constitution.

Division Bench of Kerala High Court, headed by Chief Justice, rejected a petition for disqualifying Cherian as MLA. Court observed that there is no legal compulsion to disqualify him.

Thiruvalla Police who investigated the case concluded the case and submitted the report before the court. Report says, minister had only criticised the Constitution. There was no intention to insult.

Court observed that given the Constitutional provisions, Representation of Peoples Act, other matters and circumstances, the petitioners have not succeeded to establish that Court has to interfere using the writ powers.

Now, CPM and its Left Democratic Front (LDF) regime and the CM Pinarayi Vijayan have got absolute legal authority to re-induct the former minister in the cabinet.

However, impartial observers are not all smiles to hear such a re-entry. They believe that not only law but also morality, principle and dharma are important. It is too early to forget the speech he made regarding the Constitution. What is legally right is not always necessarily dharmik.

But, in politics, dharma always gets a back bench.



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