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“Leaving appeasement, history with Indian perspective needs to be prioritised”

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New Delhi. Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad has said that All educational institutions of the country should have a scientific, rational and comprehensive curriculum. Leftists and so-called secularists have used the education system of the country as a weapon to run their one-sided agenda full of appeasement due to which curriculum of certain subjects including history has become a source of blame and controversies.

It was unfortunate that instead of being a source of clear blueprint for the overall development of the students, the curricula were used to run vicious agenda which ultimately caused huge damage to the education system.

Eradication of the idea that India’s history is limited to Delhi or to a few ruling dynasties of the medieval period, and bringing in a new paradigm that covers all aspects of Indian history is the need of the hour. The glorious history of tribal dynasties such as Ahom, Chola, Vijayanagara, Gond etc should be given appropriate place in the curriculum.

The curriculum should be prepared or updated considering the need for development of fact-based holistic approach and critical thinking in students and the transformational era of artificial intelligence of the 21st century. The steps taken by National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) have given hope for positive changes in the educational sector as per today’s needs.

National General Secretary of ABVP, Yagyavalkya Shukla said, “The glorious Indian history should be taught in its entirety, not Delhi centric or only one aspect of the reign of a sultanate. It is highly unfortunate that in the past the so-called intellectuals did not do justice to the history of the country. It is important to update the syllabus at all levels of the country’s education system and rectify the blunders that have been committed in past. Appropriate efforts are being made in this direction by NCERT and other educational institutions. Leftists need to change their terrible habit of seeing every change in a negative manner. It is now imperative to introduce reforms and inclusiveness in curriculum.”

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