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Madarsa student was thrown away by Abubakar Siddhique

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Kasaragod. Abubakar Siddhique, who is a native of Manjeswaram in Kasaragod had thrown a Madarsa student to the floor. He was taken into custody soon after the incident. Meanwhile, CCTV footage of Abubakar throwing the student is being spread across social media.

Abubakar attacked the girl without any provocation. It is visible in the footage that Abubakar moved towards the girl and threw her harshly into the ground. After doing this, the culprit left the place normally.

The reason behind the attack is yet to be found and he is currently being interrogated, said the police. Abubakar is the neighbour of the girl and it is also being investigated whether it was done due to revenge towards the girl’s family.

The girl is now under treatment. Abubakar has been arrested over a complaint registered by her parents. Another complaint has been filed in the Child line too.



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