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Maldives – Islamic extremists disrupt International Yoga Day event

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In an unprecedented incident, Islamic extremists disrupted the International Yoga Day-2022 celebration at Maldives national football stadium. Following the incident, all the participants were forced to leave the premises immediately.

The incident happened today morning. The mob barged into the stadium at 0630 hours and threatened the Yoga and meditation practitioners, if they continued to perform the exercise.

Videos of the incident emerged on social media platforms where Islamists could be seen entering the Galolhu stadium where people were doing Yoga on International Yoga Day. They uprooted the flags in the stadium and used them to attack the participants of the celebrations.

Local police had to resort to shelling tear gas into the field to disperse the protestors. The radical elements had already threatened such action if they continued with holding it.

Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih assured of instituting an investigation into the incident that had happened at the Stadium.

He said, “An investigation has been launched by the Maldives Police into the incident that happened this morning at Galolhu stadium. This is being treated as a matter of serious concern and those responsible will be swiftly brought before the law”.

Maldives was among the 177 nations that voted in favour of co-sponsoring the UN resolution to observe the day.

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