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Mamata Banerjee reserved jobs not for OBCs, but for Muslims for votes

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  1. The High Court of West Bengal has in a landmark judgment has held that the declaration of 77 classes as Backward Classes made by 7 notifications between 5th March 2010 to 11th May 2012 is unlawful.
  2. The HC has noticed the statement dated 08.03.2010 of Ms. Banerjee, CM of Bengal that the Muslims shall be granted reservation in jobs and education.
  3. The process was completed within less than a month and on 05.03.2010, 44 classes were declared OBC. It may be noted that 43 of these 44 classes were Muslims.
  4. The HC in a detailed examination has found that “Religion indeed appears to have been the sole criterion for declaring these communities as OBCs”. (Pr. 327).


  1. The HC found that this is ‘clear’ that classification and their inclusion for reservation is for ‘vote bank’. It is for ‘electoral gains’. The HC further found that “Such reservation is therefore also an affront to Democracy and the Constitution of India as a whole.

Pr. 332 of the judgment read as under;

“332. This Court is of the view that the selection of 77 classes of Muslims as Backward is an affront to the Muslim Community as a whole. This Court’s mind is not free from doubt that the said community has been treated as a commodity for political ends. This is clear from the chain of events that led to the classification of the 77 Classes as OBCs and their inclusion to be treated as a vote bank. Identification of the classes in the aid community as OBCs for electoral gains would leave them at the mercy of the concerned political establishment and may defeat and deny other rights. Such reservation is therefore also an affront to Democracy and the Constitution of India as a whole.”

  1. The judgment exposes the WB Government led by Ms. Mamta Banerjee of creating a vote bank of Muslims by giving them the government jobs that legitimately belong to the genuine backward classes. This act amounted to constitutional immorality. It can only be hoped that the seculars may now avoid such appeasement by dishonest and unlawful means.


Alok Kumar, Sr. Adv (Supreme Court)

Case Details – Amal Chandra Das Vs. The State of West Bengal and others

WPO 60 of 2011; DOJ: 22.05.2024

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