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Maoists in hilly areas

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Kochi (VSK). Reports from Kannur suggest that the failure of police boosts the Maoist presence in the hilly areas. Story is interesting. Maoists have reported to have reached Koonampalla Colony in Kelakam, Kannur, on February 18. It is reported that the group belonged to Peoples Liberation Army Banasura 2nd Dal of outlawed CPI Maoist and they camped at the house of one Dinesan for couple of hours. The purpose was said to be to recharge the mobile phones and power banks. The group left Rs 4,000 with the house owner before they disappeared and instructed them to buy them some provisions. They declared, they would collect them next day at the same time, from the same place.

Now, comes to the crux of the point – Reports continue that the natives informed the police about Maoists’ statement that they would return next day to collect the materials. The house owner purchased the provisions and placed them between his house and the forest. The Maoists came back the very next day and picked up the provisions. But interestingly, the police did not turn up.

The natives reportedly said that the strength of the armed Maoist group was four, two men and two women. Three of them are identified as Sundari, Unnimaya and Chandru. One bloke was not identified.

These reports establish that Maoist groups are turning active in Kannur and Wayanad districts. Early this months, armed Maoists were reported to have touched Vietnam in Aralam. But, what does police do? What is happening with the home ministry presided by CM and the CPM supremo Pinarayi Vijayan? God alone knows.

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