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Massive Anti-Hindu Violence in Bangladesh, Multiple Pooja Pandals Destroyed

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The Muslim mob targeted a number of pooja pandals celebrating Durga pooja. The idols were broken and people performing aratis were beaten up. The disturbing images and videos of the attacks are doing the rounds on different social media platforms.

In neighbouring Bangladesh, massive Anti-Hindu violence is continuing for the last three days. The Muslim mob has been targeting the Durga pooja pandals all over the country.

The Bangladesh Hindu Unity Council posted on Twitter “We cannot publish in a tweet what has happened in the last 24 hours. The Hindus of Bangladesh saw the real faces of some people. We don’t know what will happen in the future. But the Hindus of Bangladesh will never forget Durga Puja in 2021.”

It added “13 October 2021. A scandalous day in the history of Bangladesh. Many puja mandapas have been vandalized, Pratima Bisarjan in the Day of Austomi. Hindus are now guarding the puja mandapa. The whole world is silent today. May maa Durga bless all the Hindus of the world. Never Forgive.”

Advocate Gobinda Chandra posted on Twitter “Muslims have demolished 9 Durga mandapas and idols in Comilla, Bangladesh. Hundreds of radical Muslims attacked this morning. The attack is still going on.”

In Islam, idol worshiping is a crime.

The much-revered festive season of Durga Pooja started a week back with installation of Maa Durga statues at different places. The devotees throng in large numbers to the Durga pandals for the darshan of Maa Durga and perform Arati.

Similar attacks had recently happened in Pakistan where many temples were vandalized by the Muslim mob. Few months back, Islamists had destroyed many temples in Bangladesh.

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