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Massive Sharia-compliant township exclusively for Muslims coming up in Kerala

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Controversial Kerala Islamist preacher Mujahid Balussery had declared that “Kerala can be made an Islamic country in the next ten years”. While he had gone public with his idea, his rival group led by AP Kanthapuram Aboobacker Musaliar is in the process of making a prototype of an Islamic state, exclusively for Muslims.

India’s first Sharia-compliant township – Halal Park – is getting ready in the Kozhikode-Wayanad border in Kerala. Designed as part of the Markaz Knowledge City, the Halal Park is an initiative of the conservative Sunni Muslim group, Markazu Saquafathi Sunniyya, led by AP Kanthapuram Aboobacker Musaliar.

The orthodox Muslim leader Kanthapuram is close to controversial former minister KT Jaleel. Jaleel whose name cropped up in the gold smuggling case is a close aid of CM Pinarayi Vijayan.

The ‘Knowledge City’ is envisioned in a way with state-of-the-art facilities, Unani Medical College, luxury hotel, luxury apartments, law college, college, playgrounds and all other amenities that a community can live in.

The Project

Knowledge City being designed as a heritage-culture-trade center is coming up at Kaithappoyil near Thamarssery. Coming up on a 9-acre land as part of the 120acre vast Knowledge City integrated township project, the trade centre, to be built on the lines of Arabian village markets namely Souq, is expected to provide jobs to as many as 3,000 persons with around 150 shops, museum, library and cultural centre. This is an attempt to recreate Souq, the traditional Arabian markets which a blend of art, culture and trade in the Malabar context, says the organisers. According to media report, properties of non-Muslims are being purchased at a high price so that they leave the locality. In some areas, non-Muslims have sold their properties and left the area.

What is Halal Park?

Halal Parks are an amateur form of a small Muslim country that allows only Muslims to live exclusively following religious beliefs and customs. Follow the Muslim lifestyle here. Islamic laws and practices will be followed in colleges and apartments. Sharia-teaching colleges, Sharia-compliant apartments, hotels and office complexes make Halal Park a small Muslim country.

Impacts on environment

Earlier prominent media had reported that the Knowledge City was rising concern on the environment as the park is made by causing massive destruction in the hilly area. Situated close to the western ghats the area is a habitat of thousands of species of plants and animals. The massive construction activities flattening the hills will certainly bring damage to the environment.

Ongoing preparations

Massive promotional activities are being conducted to fund the project whereas as per reports many giant companies have come up with offers for funding. Most of the natives including Hindus and Christians here are not still aware of the actual nature of the project and they live with an expectation that the project will bring transformational changes in their lives. Most of the land here is being acquired and purchased for the Knowledge City from Hindu-Christian community members who are unaware that it is a Halal park that is being brought here.

Markaz Knowledge City, when ready will be similar to that of a Muslim country within India which will have major repercussions on the socio-political environment. The Knowledge City website itself states that there is a Sharia City operating in the Knowledge City. According to Kanthapuram’s website, there is a Sharia City/Knowledge City that helps to teach and propagate Islamic law and methodology. Entering the Knowledge City, gives one an impression of entering a Muslim country. It is nothing but the process of moulding a religious community that is happening here which will pose serious repercussions on the future of the country.

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