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More NOs to CPM’s UCC Seminar

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Kerala (VSK). CPM is falling to ‘sorry zone’ as more NOs pour to the CPM’s design to organise seminars against Uniform Civil Code. Latest is Communist Party of India (CPI), the second largest constituent in the ruling CPM-led Left Democratic Front (LDF). Reports suggest that CPI is not happy about the CPM’s resolution to organise the seminar as a ‘party programme’ instead of an LDF campaign. But, they (CPI) ‘flaunts’ a convenient excuse of its national council to be held, at Delhi, for three days beginning from July 14. CPM seminar is on July 15. CPI state secretary Kanam Rajendran had reportedly informed the CPM leaders their inability to participate, when they (CPM) indicated about the seminar.

Interestingly Kanam is not going to Delhi for attending the party national council. It is due to medical advice. But he is not participating in the seminar either. CPI’s reported stand is for a Left collective against UCC, just like they did against CAA. But CPM invited Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) and keeps Congress aloof.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Muslim organisations are not so happy about the politicisation of the opposition towards UCC. IUML had rejected the CPM seminar much earlier. Even though Samastha Kerala Jem-iyyathul Ulama has accepted the invitation, there are reports about the differences of opinion taking place in it. Sunni Yuvajana Samgham, Samastha’s youth wing, had made arrangements for a symposium to be held on July 15, the day CPM had selected for its seminar. Even though the parent body intervened and the programme was cancelled, it has led to fumes within. Opposition to the CPM seminar is reported to be the reason behind the idea of symposium. Mushavara member Dr. Bahavudheen Nadvi has posted a note, in FB, criticising CPM. It is seen, by the observers, as a hint of difference of opinion among Muslim organisations.

The Muslim bodies which oppose the CPM initiatives point out that they (CPM) has not admitted that their former stand in favour of UCC was wrong. Those who agree to participate in the seminar, however, believe that keeping Congress away from the protest is not desirable. Kerala Nadavathul Mujahideen (KNM) and Wisdom Islamic Organisation are said to be maintaining that Congress should be involved in the protests.

Then comes the NO from Latin Diocese, Kozhikode. Bishop Varghese Chakkalakkal is reported to have said that they have not discussed the invitation. Earlier CPM leaders in Kozhikode district had said that they had extended the invitation to the Bishop’s House.

In short, CPM’s much boasted seminar looks like missing a red carpet from the non-BJP organisations.

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