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Muslim cleric dares government not to touch private madarsas

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New Delhi. After the Uttarakhand Waqf board chairman announced that the state government will modernise the madarsas by bringing a dress code and NCERT books, a Muslim cleric has made a controversial statement saying the governments dared to touch the private madarsas, the country will burn.

Maulana Sajid Rashidi told ANI, “Every state has a madarsa board that comes under the government. The government can order dress codes, play movies or songs, and do whatever they want in those Madarsas, and no one can stop them.

However, we will not allow you to do anything in our private Madarsas, hear this out. Because Indian Muslims retain 4% of children from private madarsas to become maulvis and maulanas, if they attempt to intervene in that 4% of madarsas, all the Indian Muslims will oppose it. We will not allow them to do this.”

Rashidi went on to say, “We never accept anything from the government. These are the foolish people who gave their madarsas to the government in order for the government to earn money, and now they are paying the price. That is why our great Maulavis and Ulemas advise others not to accept government funds for Madarsas.”

“We do not need anything from anyone… Do whatever you want in the government-run Madarsas. But don’t touch the private Madarsas; otherwise, India will be on fire,” Rashidi threatened.

On Thursday, Uttarakhand Waqf Board chairman Shadab Shams said that the government will modernise the madarsas in a phase-wise manner under which seven such institutions will be made modern. As part of the rejuvenation of the institution, the Pushkar Singh Dhami government will implement a dress code from the next session in all 103 madarsas under the purview of the Waqf Board in Uttarakhand.

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