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Muslim woman removes hijab to protest

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Kerala (VSK).

V.P. Zuhra, writer, activist and president of ‘NISA’, the women’s organisation, removed her hijab during a programme in Kozhikode. It was in protest against the undesirable remarks made by Ummar Faisi Mukkam, the office bearer of the Samastha Kerala Jam-Iyyathil Khatib. Recently Ummar Faisi had stated that the Muslim women who do not wear hijab are azhinjattakkaris (Malayalam word for flirts). Muslim women should wear hijab. Their body should not be shown before ‘other men’ or interlopers. Communists oppose this system and promote flirting. Ummar said that, they (his organisation) would oppose and stop such trends. He added that they do not mind if they are described as reactionaries of obsolete views). They would not allow flirting.

Zuhra went to the extent of removing the hijab while participating as the chief guest in a Kudubashree programme organised in Nallalam School, Kozhikode.

While protesting, Zuhra said that formerly Kanthapuram was in the forefront for anti-woman remarks. Now, Ummar Faisi has come forward pretending as the leader of Samastha Kerala Jam-Iyyathil Khatib. Zuhra said, Samastha leader propagates that 70% women have gone to hell for not wearing hijab. She wondered if Ummar Faisi knows the meaning of azhinjattam (flirting). Is he not insulting all women who do not wear hijab. If so, why do not men wear the traditional caps. She asked what is the peculiarity of women in Kerala while women get more freedom abroad including Islamic states. Those who ‘constructed “Women’s Renaissance Wall” in the state’ have given it up, because what they need is votes, that is all.

Zuhra alleged later that the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) president of the school turned violent and shouted at her in abusive language. She has complained, against this, before the local police station. Zuhra added that what CPM leader Adv. K. Anilkumar had told about hijab was correct. CPM corrected him, thanks to the vote bank politics.

T. Satisan, Kerala


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