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Muslim women should not appear among men; The hijab law in Islam is the best law that protects women – Kerala Sunni Youth organisation

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Kozhikode (VSK). Kerala Sunni Youth Sangam (SYS) has come forward in support of the Samastha leader who insulted a Muslim girl on stage. The extremist group alleged that some conspire to isolate the Samastha leader and ridicule Islamic law after a Muslim scholar advised a madrassa teacher in his village, not to ‘display’ girls among strangers.

Islam has taught us to show love and to have mercy to all creatures and has also formulated laws to protect their rights. The hijab law in Islam is one of the best laws in the world that protects women. Part of that law is to say that Muslim women should not appear among foreign men without a valid reason.

History and experience show that not a single woman was abused in Islamic countries where the hijab law was fully enforced, and that women’s security is still relatively high in Muslim countries where the law is partially enforced. The leaders said in a statement that those who mock the hijab law in Islam should push for a law that would give women more protection.

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