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Narad Jayanti – Organize and consolidate the nationalistic thoughts

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Chief Guest, Retd. Chief Secretary Ippagunta Yasodhara Ramakrishna Rao (IYR Krishna Rao) in his keynote address stated that even the renowned Maharshi Narada may not have survived in today’s cut-throat political environment which affects the media sector too. Standards of many institutions have got devalued, including that of the media. Along with time, people, standards and values are changing. In the media sector of the previous generations, the advent of Eenadu newspapers and magazines, was a great milestone in the media sector, it nurtured great talent, many senior journalists today started their careers in that institution. However, in a way some of those great newspapers also created a kind of monopoly. Today Social-Media is an arena of many battles, it broke the monopoly of established Media; it has both good and negative sides, many posts become viral, with great information and content. It has its negative facet, fake news also spreads equally rapidly. He said it’s important to organize and consolidate the nationalistic thoughts. Even decades ago, the left media was and is an organized network; he said even in his childhood growing up in Prakasam district, his father used to say that the left-wing was expert in spreading false news. In a vast and diverse nation like Bharat, it’s important to consolidate Nationalist forces to mitigate and counter the divisive forces.

He was speaking at a programme organised by Samachar Bharati on Narada Jayanti.

Before the keynote address of IYR Krishna Rao, Dr Gopal Reddy, president Samachar Bharati in his opening remarks explained the aims and objectives of Samachar Bharati. In the last ten years, we are seeing stability, peace and harmony in the country. We need to preserve that unity and harmony. Narada Jayanti is being organized by Samachar Bharati for the last ten years to instill nationalistic thoughts and inspiration, the mode is to work with journalists and reporters of print, electronic and digital media. Samachar Bharati also runs Lokahitham, a short bulletin which reaches lakhs of villages. Kakatiya Film festival in the short films category was also conducted to promote national integrity and social harmony. A mega successful event, Golkonda Literary festival was organized in November 2021 which discussed many facets of forgotten chapters of history, icons and events of Telugu lands. This was followed by the Hindi edition of the Golkonda literary festival in 2022. He mentioned the works of Angus Madison on world economy, and Will Durant on Indian history, which researched and published Bharat’s own authentic history. He advised the young journalists to read and know the real history of Bharat. He congratulated all the awardees.

Young journalist Mallesham explained why Narada is regarded as the first journalist. Narada Jayanti falls on Vaisakha Bahula Vidiya, Maharshi Narada is considered as the world’s first information disseminator. He was a great pandit, he has written many great works including Narada Bhakti Sutra. On the auspicious occasion of Narada Jayanti, Samachar Bharati Puraskars were presented to senior and yuva journalists and photo-journalists on the occasion.

Senior journalist Gullapudi Srinivas Kumar has received Vadlamudi Rammohan Rao memorial award, he is working as the editor of Vishwa Samvad Kendra Telangana, he is also the Digital Content Manager of Jagruti magazine. Senior journalist of over 40 years of experience, Yabaluri Sitarama Sarma, presently working as Editor Andhra patrika daily received Bandaru Srinivas Rao Memorial award. He briefly spoke about the journey of Telugu journalism in the last 40 years, to the present digital news revolution. Bandaru Sadashiva Rao Memorial award was presented to senior photo-journalist Kandikattu Durga Narasimha Rao. Senior journalist and columnist Dr Chiruvolu Parthasarathi was presented with the Samachar Bharati Puraskar. A special award, Samachar Bharati Ujjwala Mahila Puraskar was presented to senior journalist Ponnapalli Nagavani. Samachar Bharati Yuva puraskar was presented to Gangula Mahesh Reddy.

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