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Nation First Should not be neglected by Media – Shehzad Poonawala

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Pune (VSK). The media world is being democratized through the influence of social media. However, the mantra of Rashtra Pratham (Nation First) will not be lost sight in a time when every individual is becoming a media, Shehzad Poonawala asserted here on Saturday.

The Adya Patrakar Devarshi Narad Journalism Awards were given by the Vishwa Samvad Kendra Pashchim Maharashtra and Deccan Education Society. He was speaking as the chief guest at this occasion. Ahmednagar’s Divya Marathi Bureau Chief Anirudh Devchakke, senior journalist Zee 24 Taas Arun Mhetre, Sushma Neharkar from daily Pudhaari and social media influencer Ashutosh Muglikar were honored with Devarshi Narad Award by Poonawala. The chairman Deccan Education Society’s governing council Dr. Sharad Kunte, secretary Dhananjay Kulkarni and President of Vishwa Samvad Kendra Abhay Kulkarni were present on the dais.

Head of Journalism Department of Savitribai Phule Pune University Dr. Sanjay Tambat and President of Pune Union of Working Journalist Pandurang Sandbhor were felicitated at the occasion.

Poonawala went through the nature of the media in the pre-independence and post- independence periods. He said that in the pre-independence period, the media worked to create public awareness and consciousness among the people. The media did a great job of inculcating the sentiments of Swadesh and Swaraj among Indians. In the post-independence era, the nature of the media changed and the power of the media was concentrated in the hands of a few. The aspirations of the citizens and their problems hardly found a place in the media. The media world is being democratized now as social media has become accessible to all. It is a welcome thing that the common man is now coming to the center of the media.

Poonawala said that today no one can control social media and the common man is using the media easily. Although this is a positive sign, yet some challenges have also arisen for the society. It is necessary for social leaders to make efforts to increase the positive and judicious use of media. Vigilance is always crucial to prevent fake news. For that reason, it is necessary for the media and the citizens to use the media keeping the role of the nation first.

Extolling Devarshi Narad as the first news reporter and anchor, he said, Narad would be present at the actual place of the incident, take complete information of the situation and then comment. Character, communication, curiosity, commitment, innovation, civility and culture were the strengths of his journalism. No matter how much time has passed, no matter how much technology has changed, these principles will remain eternal. Poonawala appealed to the media persons to adopt these principles of Narada and do their journalism accordingly.

In his opening remarks, Abhay Kulkarni said that it is important to get mental freedom so that nationalist thinking may flourish. Vishwa Samvad Kendra works to raise awareness of these ideas through education and media. Dr. Kunte said that Deccan Education Institute is working to create a sense of national education and identity.

In reply to the award, Mugalikar said that we should express ourselves on the wrong things in the society. In today’s era of social media, fake news is spreading at a high speed and it is affecting the society. Therefore, efforts should be made to prevent these things in time with the help of truth.

Neharkar said that we do not need a family doctor, but a family farmer. Before the arrival of the British, we used to grow different varieties of crops with nutritional value. But now, urban consumers are buying toxic foodgrains with no nutritional value. It is the urban consumers who should now take the initiative and encourage the farmers for nutritious agriculture. Mhetre and Devchakke also spoke on the occasion.

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