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Nehru Museum to be named as PM Museum, to praise previous Prime Ministers

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New Delhi. NDA government has decided to change the name of the Nehru Museum. The new name given to it will be PM Museum. This has been done to highlight the memories and achievements of the 14 former Prime Ministers. Inauguration will be done on 14 April, Ambedkar Jayanti by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

According to reports PM informed BJP legislators that the NDA government is taking these steps to recognize the contributions of 14 former prime ministers. The Museum will display the works of all the previous Prime Ministers of India. PM stated during the meeting that his government has ensured that the contributions of all Prime Ministers are recognized.

PM Modi also asked the BJP MPs to visit the “BR Ambedkar museum”. BR Ambedkar museum is also scheduled to be inaugurated on April 14 in the national capital, coinciding with the birth anniversary of BR Ambedkar.

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