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New parliament is a symbol of spirituality & nationalism – VHP

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New Delhi. VHP national secretary general Milind Parande said that the inauguration of the new Parliament building is a great event depicting the inherent oneness of the people, tradition, Sanskruti, Jivan Mulya (values) of our great Bharat.

Today is an important date for Bharat when our Prime Minister dedicated the New Parliament building to the Nation. This dedication event was preceded by the handing over of Sengol by 21 Adheenams from Tamizhagam. Adheenams are the Heads of the Shaiva Siddhantam Mutts established over 1000 years ago across Tamilnadu to propagate and safeguard Shiva Temples and Scriptures. The Sengol Signifies the Righteous Rule of a King, just governance of his kingdom and welfare of his people and in various Tamil Literatures it is signified as the most important article of good governance. Normally a Saint or a Sage would hand over the Sengol to the new ruler of the kingdom, blessing with sacred hymns and asking him to “Sengol Vazhuvamal Atchi Puriya Vendum” in Tamil, which means, “Rule the kingdom without dropping the Sengol” signifying the Sengol will drop from his hands, if his rule is not righteous.

He said that the same Sengol which is presented to our Prime Minister, was first unveiled on August 14th, 1947. The British asked Jawaharlal Nehru on the process of handing over the rule as per the Bhartiya Tradition and he in turn asked Shri Rajaji, who is well versed with the Tamil Literatures and knows the Sengol being the symbol of righteous rule over centuries, requested the Thiruvaduthurai Adheenam to make one and it was made by the Vummudi Bangaru Chetty Jewellers in Chennai and sent to New Delhi on August 14th. The Thiruvaduthurai Adheenam Head Kumaraswamy Thambiran Ji then, handed over the Sengol which he received from Mountbatten as a gesture of handing over the empire in turn to Jawaharlal Nehru.

The VHP secretary general said that this event signifies the Bharathiya culture, tradition and spirituality, which are inherent traits of this sacred nation. The Spiritualism and Nationalism are the two eyes of this country as said by Muthuramalinga Thevar Ji. Vishwa Hindu Parishad considers this event as the pride of the nation, as it highlighted the historical, sacred culture and tradition of this nation and condemns the attempt to politicize this event for political gains by some Anti National and Anti Hindu forces. VHP will take this Spiritualism and Nationalism message across the country in the coming days during this year when VHP is entering the 60th year of VHP’s foundation.

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